With over 7,500,000 tourist days enjoyed across the county of Herefordshire, Visit Herefordshire are clearly doing a great job in supporting the tourism economy and attracting even more visitors to the region!

Visit Herefordshire is the established destination tourism marketing organisation for Herefordshire. Managed by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, who have a long history of supporting, developing and growing local businesses.

Recent research by the industry’s leading research company shows that Visit Herefordshire marketing is one of the most effective in the country. Their overall marketing to promote local businesses achieves a 36% success rate – higher than the industry average – so their hard work certainly pays off. As Glide Media is the chosen distribution provider for the annual Visit Herefordshire guide, this is clearly a winning partnership.

Visit Herefordshire has been working with Glide Media since 2010, distributing leaflets for local attractions, events and venues in our uniquely designed, high quality branded displays, as well as Visit Herefordshire material. As their exclusive distribution partner, we’ve distributed over 45,000 Visit Herefordshire leaflets and guides to targeted outlets in and around the region within the past 6 months alone.

We recently caught up with Andy Black, Tourism Officer at Visit Herefordshire, to talk about our work together.

Glide Media: What were your goals when considering your campaign and has working with Glide Media helped you to achieve these goals?
Andy Black: Our goal is to increase our distribution. A great example of how working with
Glide has helped us achieve this is our Stay guide. Last year we were left with thousands of copies of the guide. This year we still printed 30,000 but stock levels are rapidly diminishing – so it’s the right kind of problem to have!

Glide Media: Yes, our customers really do value the ability to easily see their stock levels deplete with our unique customer reporting and analytics tool!

Glide Media: What challenges did you have before working with us?
Andy Black: We were using several distributors which made no sense financially or strategically. I think the service and impact is much better concentrating on one main supplier.

I have worked closely with David on our campaign and have also suggested potential new sites for visitor info as I am frequently out and about meeting people.

Glide Media: Are there any particular features of the Glide Media Service that have stood out for you?
Andy Black: Your responsiveness and willingness to work together. Hopefully this is the start of a continually productive journey for us both!

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