Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire (ESL) was born in 2015 in response to local demand from Herefordshire’s tourism businesses, who were looking for the region to have an independent destination marketing provider. ESL use an expert mix of marketing practices and activities to engage and convert tourists to the county, backed up by years of local knowledge and experience.

Though, by far ESL’s most exciting promotional platform for Herefordshire is its annual Ultimate Herefordshire guide. Designed to not only bring visitors into the area, but to also steer them around it once there, this innovative handbag/pocket sized visitor guidebook not only gives great insight into Herefordshire’s heritage and fascinating facts, but creatively showcases the wonderful places to eat, sleep and enjoy across the county and its market towns.

‘It was something completely new for Herefordshire’ explains ESL Managing Director Heidi Chamberlain-Jones. ‘The tourism sector and visitors alike wanted a guide that had all the information in one place, in their hand. Something of good quality, rather than a disposable leaflet, that they wanted to keep and continue to refer to and which displayed beautiful Herefordshire in an attractive and comprehensive way.’

The Ultimate Herefordshire guide has broken the mould of regular tourism publications and each year is getting bigger and in more demand from consumers right the way across the country, with the 2018 edition all set to be a record-breaker!


Glide Media: What were your goals when considering your campaign and has working with Glide Media helped you to achieve these goals?

Heidi Chamberlain-Jones: ESL is focused on where visitors come from to discover and explore Herefordshire, and the Ultimate Herefordshire guide captures the day trip market as well as the overnighters and holiday planners. Therefore our focus with Glide was to look strategically at the geographies and kinds of outlets that we wanted the guide to be stocked at, as well as enabling our domestic tourism providers to be able to order their own stocks from a central source.

We didn’t want the guides to be simply bulk dropped, we wanted them to be taken up by demand, and we knew that Glide’s system and regular promotional prompts would achieve this.

Glide Media: What challenges did you have before working with us?

Heidi Chamberlain-Jones: Our on-going challenge has been that our Ultimate Herefordshire guides are quite thick, so the traditional display stands struggle to accommodate them, and small quantities literally get snapped up within hours. So we’re delighted that Glide has now redesigned a series of their stands to also have deeper compartments for our kinds of guides, as opposed to just leaflets. This innovative new design ensures consistent pick-up rates and is great for display unit host venues, who can now have bespoke displays on-site.

Are there any particular features of the Glide Media Service that have stood out for you?

Heidi Chamberlain-Jones: We like the regular reports that show us who and where our guides have been ordered from. This really helps us to monitor and refine our distribution areas. We’ve found the Glide team really friendly and accessible, and the collaborative and progressive approach has helped us to get the best for what we want to achieve on behalf of the Herefordshire tourism economy.

To advertise in the 2018 Ultimate Herefordshire guide or to become an ESL Member contact the team on T: 07713 243869 or

Email if you would like to find out more about our expert distribution services for annual, seasonal or one-off campaigns.