How to make use of the off peak season to attract more customers to your tourist attraction, venue or event.

Whether you close your tourist attraction for the winter months, or whether you simply experience this time of year as a quiet season, you need to remain visible to your target audience all year round. This helps them remember all the positive experiences and memories from previous visits and reminds them where they should go this year. Maintaining a consistent relationship with them is important. You don’t want to wait until you need customers through your gates to start the conversation!

Though cash flow might not be wonderful this time of year, this ‘down time’ is actually a fantastic opportunity to get up to date with your marketing and explore new ways to communicate your message to your ideal customers. Here are some tips to help:

    • Be sure to keep in touch with your audience even if you are closed for the season. You want to be in the front of their minds when their planning their free time. Remember that even if your office hours are limited during this period you can still schedule newsletters and social media posts in advance. No excuses!


    • Use the quiet period for market research and to improve your service. Take the opportunity to look through your customer feedback from the previous year. Seek out opportunities and events so you can speak with people from your target audience about what problems you can help them solve and what they are looking for in a day out.


    • You might be closed for the winter season, but think ahead and anticipate the buying habits of your target audience. When will they be planning their holidays and key days out? If you’re closed until February half-term or Easter make sure you’re talking about your line-up for that week now! When planning your leaflet campaign for these peak times make sure that your leaflets are in our displays by the end of January for February half-term, and by 10th March for Easter.


    • Take advantage of the quieter period to think about content for the year’s newsletters and social media posts and to write a bank of articles that you can publish throughout the year. It’s a great habit to get into if you find yourself too swamped during the busier periods. Publishing great content regularly helps improve SEO and builds a great relationship with your audience.


    • It’s also a great opportunity to get your head around social media. Is it time to ramp up your efforts or try a new channel? Take a look at our tips for using Instagram and YouTube to market your tourist attraction, venue or event.


    • There’s strength in numbers so consider partnering up with a local company to cross promote each other. For example, work together with a local B&B or hotel to offer a package deal to your respective audiences. This works well as an incentive to attract visitors during your low season, or, if you close for the winter months, to bring in customers for when you open for the new season.


  • Now is a great time to review and refresh your promotional material for the new year. Check out our top tips on how to create attractive and effective leaflets to give you a higher return on your leafleting campaign.

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