With so much focus on websites, newsletter emails and social media pages it can be easy to think that’s what should get your full attention when it comes to creating your marketing strategy. But your audience spends time in other places than just online. They probably visit a shopping centre once a week, they take coffee breaks at service stations and relax in restaurants, theatres and leisure centres. Which are all great opportunities to let them know about your event or tourist attraction.

The key is to use on-line and off-line marketing to complement each other and create better relationships with your audience.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you.

Market research using social media helps create truly effective printed material

A great way to find out what interests your audience is through social media. One way is to create and engage in Facebook Groups. It’s also a fantastic and free way to test your printed material designs. Set up a poll to find out where they spend their free time (so you know where to distribute your leaflets) or ask your followers which one of 3 leaflet designs they prefer, for example. They’ll feel included and significant that you are asking their opinion, and you’ll have a great focus group at your fingertips to make sure your investment in printed marketing is as effective as possible.

Use online reviews and comments on your printed materials

If you’ve been getting great on-line reviews and comments eg on Trip Advisor or Twitter use these on your printed material. Not only does it show what a great time other people are having at your attraction but it can also encourage the reader to engage with you online too.

Remember to ask permission from people before you print their comments!

Use printed material to stand out and develop your on-line engagement

With so many messages, ads and posts floating around on-line, it can be hard to make your presence felt. But a well-placed leaflet, for example, can really stand out and create interest.

Keep the message of your printed materials simple and to the point. Use just enough information to capture their attention then direct them to your website and social media pages with links/hashtags to tell them more and develop your relationship. To make this call to action more effective you might like to offer your on-line fans exclusive discounts and mention that on your leaflet.

Read more on how to create a really effective leaflet.

Glide Media helps local leisure, tourism, theatre and event organisations reach more people by maximising the impact of their printed material. We ensure that your leaflets are seen by exactly the right audience using quality displays in brilliant locations across nine counties in the South-West and South-Midlands, as well as Visitor Information Centres nationally.