If your visitor attraction doesn’t have the budget for a dedicated marketing team, it’s very likely that you have the challenge of making time for successful marketing activities among all the other daily tasks you have. Should you not have much experience of graphic design, putting together marketing materials can be daunting. While you might outsource some design work, for your leaflets for example, sometimes you can’t justify the extra expense for material with a shorter life-span.  
As with a lot of things, having the right tools makes the job so much easier, and helps it look far more professional. To help you, here are some top tips for resources that will help you communicate what you need to in that poster, report or flyer – and can even help with your leaflet design too.

Get Great Images
Using professional looking images is really important. Even if the subject of the image is more ‘informal’, your images need to look the part. The lighting needs to be good, the image shouldn’t be blurry and, of course, it needs to properly communicate your message to your target audience.

If you are taking photos of your attraction yourself, soak up some handy tips to help take that perfect snap. Here’s some great advice for taking good pictures with your smart phone.

For general images, there are lots of free stock image sites out there. Make sure that the licence covers commercial, royalty-free use. All images on Pexels.com are suitable for this purpose. Take a look at Pixabay too.

Find Fantastic Fonts
While you’ll want to stick to your usual brand font a lot of the time, there are occasions where a different font, used in small amounts such as headings, can spice things up a bit. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to the fonts that come with your usual word processing or design package. There are so many fantastic fonts out there, and many of them are free. Try Free Design Resources or Font Squirrel. Again, check the licence that you’ll get with your download to check it’s suitable for commercial use.

It’s very easy to install new fonts. Here are some instructions for how to download and install a font.

Coordinate Your Colours
You’ll no doubt have specific brand colours that you’ll often use, but there will also be occasions when you want to incorporate other colours to make your marketing materials more eye-catching. Coolers is a great resource to help you pick well coordinated colour schemes. You can even upload an image and use one of the colours from that as your starting to point.

Bonus tip: Check out Canva – it’s another great free online tool that helps you created professional looking posters, infographics, social media graphics, flyers, and lots more.

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